Gunny's Autographs

Yes! You too can have a 'Personally Autographed' picture of R. Lee Ermey. These pictures are not available anywhere else. They are from the Gunny's 'PRIVATE STOCK' and signed personally for you as the orders come in*. We offer SEVEN great pictures to choose from, purchase one for yourself and one for a friend! If you would like an autographed picture signed by R. Lee Ermey, select from the photo gallery below.

Each photo is approximately 8" x 10", click on the Add to Cart button next to the picture to order.
Made, Printed and Signed by the Gunny in the USA.


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The Gunny Wants YOU!
The Gunny Wants YOU! One of our most popular pictures of the Gunny next to the Jelly Doughnut! Pe..
The Jelly Doughnut
Gunny Hartman and the Famous Jelly Doughnut. Personally signed by the Gunny.     ..